ConPump PROs: Professional Reliable Operators

Our well-trained and experienced team is so dedicated and reliable that we had to give them a class of their own, they’re our Professional Reliable Operators, but we just call them ConPump PROs!

Transparent Pricing

We like to be up front, which is why we tell you exactly what you're paying for. Contact us today for your quote.

PRObros Contractor Program

Ask us how to sign up for the PRObros Contractor Program so you can qualify for minimum charge discounts and other rewards!

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ConPump PROs: Professional Reliable Operators

Our Professional Reliable Concrete Pump Operators are professionally trained

and equipped to put safety first, then teamwork.


... and we never charge extra to send a second ConPump PRO to every concrete pumping job. 

ConPump Ltd. is a proud member of the

American Concrete Pumping Association.

All of our ConPump PROs are ACPA Certified.

View our WSIB eClearance here:

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Transparent Pricing

We are committed to providing high quality concrete pumping service and honest pricing. 

We always tell you exactly what you're paying for, up front.


While prices can be subject to variables like availability; travel; weather & road conditions, we always provide you with transparent pricing and detailed invoices.


Our Base Pricing is very competitive and we're always here to answer your questions.

All prices are subject to 13% HST.

Easy Payment

We accept a wide variety of payment methods:


PRObros Contractor Program

Got Pours?

Want to save even more and qualify for concrete pumping discounts and promotions? 

Contact us today to find out if you qualify for the PRObros Contractor Program, and get access to incentives like Lowered Minimum Charges or Book-In-Advance Discounts!


There are two main kinds of pumps that get liquid concrete to its destination from a concrete truck. The first is a Boom Pump, which is very large and heavy duty (see photo below), commonly used for large commercial projects.

The second is a Line Pump, which is mounted to a truck or trailer and then has large somewhat flexible steel & rubber pipes attached to pump the liquid concrete from the truck to its destination. This type of pump is much more useful for various residential applications, especially in the city where space between and around homes can be so tight.

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